By: Sam | April 11, 2017

1. How Many Accounts Do They Service?

Large companies do not provide individual attention your location needs, for them locations are just numbers. Professional local operators who are well versed in vending industry do provide special care and attention your location deserves.

2. How long is the Vending Company is doing business.

The longer a vending machine company has been around is typically a good testament to their service. This doesn't mean that a new company can't provide the same benefits, but it's indicative of the industry knowledge, experience, and resources a company has to provide great service. 

3. What products do they offer? And do they offer healthy snacks and drinks.

Many vending Operators do not provide healthy options .There are lot healthy snacks and drinks which are both healthy and tasty.

Can they provide customized vending solutions which is very specific to your location. Every Location is different and so are their requirements. You should ask planograms and ask them to tailor their planograms fitting your location requirements.Some Vending operator just provide Coke Products and some just provide Pepsi Products.

4. Do They Use Inventory Control and vending Management Software.

This is new ear is vending, there are lot of technologies available to make your vending experience as pleasant as possible. Ask your operator if they remote monitoring to keep track of inventory in vending machines. The inventory tracking allows vending operator to monitor the stocks in all the vending machine so you they know when to service them. From keeping up with route schedules to tracking inventory, having the proper software to help manage the day-to-day or weekly process is extremely valuable and makes everything run more efficiently. 

5. Do They Have Liability Insurance?

Any company, vending or otherwise, that is worth using should have basic liability insurance for their business. If they're not willing to pay a nominal fee for protection, you'll really have to consider whether or not the company is sophisticated enough to provide good service.

6. Do they have credit card readers on their vending machines.

 Lot of customers do not carry cash, they either have credit cards or their mobile phones most of them. The newer credit card readers allow customers to uses Apple Pay and NFC payments directly from the Mobile phones to purchase from the vending machines. Ask your vending operator if they have credit card options on their vending machines.

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