Our machines are technologically advanced, offering a lot of unique and exciting features that many other machines simply cannot match, we strive to equip our machines with latest gadgets to make buying from our vending machines easy, simple and safe.

​All our machines come withAir-VendTechnology. AirVend allows customers to view the nutritional value of all products prior to making any purchase.Customers using NFC,Apple Pay enabled Smart Phones can directly pay using their Smart Phones.

Taaza's Vending machines come with various vending certifications like NAMA.

All ourVending Machinesfeature easy access to all customers.

Easy pay Option

All payment options in same accessible area including credit cards,bills,and coins.

Easy to Open

100% mechanical design(no motors)provides ergonomic solution from a standing or seated wheel chair position.

Easy Product Retrieval

In all our Vending machines product is elevated making it easy to retrieve with one hand.